Why Kenya?

Living Water of Ohio has partnered with Committed Believers Evangelical Ministry(CBEM)-Africa to bring clean water to the people. 

You can find our more at https://www.cbemafrica.com/about-us.html


Chanjalo water line was installed.  We pay for water to run to our tank, and can sell it so the church people have access to clean water without any cost.

School House 

During the November 2018 trip Living Water was made aware that the school located at Chafisi Baptist Church had a broken municipal water line and the school didn’t have clean water for drinking or cooking meals.  Bobby assisted the women of Chafisi to dig the ditch for the new water line.  The school now has water.

Mission Houses 

The mission housing is increasing due to large groups in the summer of 2019 and the need for water is great.  The Chanjalo driller wanted to bless the mission house by providing a well for a reduced price.  The well was drilled in late 2019 and the structure to protect the water source should be completed in the spring of 2019.  The borehole is producing salty water (which can be used for toilets and cleaning).  We are installing gutters on the house with rain water catchments going to the borehole to dilute it.  There will also be plenty of rain water stored for gardening and watering the animals on the property.


During the November 2018 trip to Sendemke and the geological survey it was determined that an alternative water solution would be required instead of a bore hole.  Bobby of Living Water and CBEM leadership met with local representatives for the Kambicha-Kanyumbuni water pipeline (a World Vision Project).  The best solution is to bring the pipeline to Sendmke.  The  water system was completed and has been pumping clean borehole water to the village.  Pastor George and his wife are in charge of this water.  


As soon as the funding came in for the pipeline project we took a small team to help with the water projects in Sendemke.  We were able to install rain water catchments on the church as well as test the water line that was tapped into the Kambicha line.  It was a success.  We accomplished more than we expected.


The geological survey for Chongojeni found that it would be best to tie into the existing pipeline like Sendemke.  The local people cleared the land for a water line to be buried.  This project was completed as well.  The same pump that needs replaced was pumping water to this village as well.  

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Our team, with the help of the local people and pastors, were able to install a rainwater catchment on the church at Chongojeni.  This is  a small solution to help with the water situation there.  

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Motorcycles for Pastors

We are also taking donations for motorcycles for Pastors in Kenya.  This is the main mode of transportation out in the bush.  These Pastors will also oversee water projects as well as schedule contractors for upcoming projects.

Please specify that your donation is for “Motorcycle”

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Biosand Filters

We have a workshop where we train locals to make Biosand Filters (BSF).  We pour concrete molds and machine wash the media (sand) for the filters, making our sand 95% cleaner than other filters that have hand washed media.  This technology is by far the most cost-effective way to provide clean water to families.  One filter can provide clean water to a family of Ten for a lifetime with proper maintenance.  The cost to make One filter is around $100 USD, so a $10 donation can provide 1-person clean water for life

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