Water is the Foundation of Life

Without it, personal health, communities and hope are lost. According to the World Health Organization, 2.1 Billion people lack safe water at home.


People lack access to basic drinking water services


People have to walk more than 30 minutes to access water


People drink from surface water

Access to Water Equals Healthier and Better Educated Children

Without access, children spend more time collecting water and less time in school. Clean water means less chance of spreading diseases that are easily preventable with safe water.

Our Solution is Simply Effective

Our approach allows us to create sustainable access to water without adding complexity and maintenance. A simple water pump provides access to clean, safe water. It’s refreshing.  

Knowledge and Sustainability

We have teams in Africa that are trained on Biosand Filters (BSF).  We made them and deliver them to villages.  Training is always the key to a long lasting filter.  1 BSF can provide clean drinking water to a family of 10 for the rest of their lives with proper maintenance.  The cost to make 1 filter is about $100 USD, so $10 can give someone clean water for their lifetime. 

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