What is happening?

Well, we are heading back to Malindi, Kenya in April!  I wasn’t planning a trip til late July with a Family Group that raised funds to help with water projects.  We had a generous donor give the exact amount we needed to start and finish the Sendemke water line project.  We are blessed to have a group on the ground in Kenya, CBEM Africa are our hosts while we are in country.  They are the ones planting churches in the bush.  This is what I consider TRUE missionaries.  They have local pastors that volunteer to live in the bush and manage all the churches out there.  Pastor Harrison is one of the most genuine people I have ever met.  He was on the brink of taking his own life because he had contracted AIDS when Jesus Himself showed up in front of him and said “you have ruined your life, now follow me and let me fix it”.  Harrison was not a believer, he had no idea who was talking to him, then when he asked the figure who he was, he said “I Am Jesus, follow ME”!  Harrison gave his life to Christ and decided to go live in the bush to help the newly planted churches.  Harrison has been healed from AIDS.  Did you actually read what I just said??? He was completely HEALED from AIDS!  He now has a beautiful wife and many children and they all live in the bush serving Jesus.  We are trying to raise some funds to provide pastors like Harrison with a motorcycle.  If you would like to give toward that effort just simple click Donate and write in the notes “Motorcycle”.  

I am also seeking a way to be full time in this ministry that God has called me to.  We have estimated that a salary of $50,000 will create the opportunity for me to quit my other jobs (painting, Massage Therapy) and take on this clean water task full time.  What would that look like?  It would mean all my bills will be paid.  It will mean that I can travel freely to churches and schools to educate them on the need for clean water.  It would allow me to be in Africa more frequently to check up on all our projects as well as starting new ones.  If you would like to commit to helping me be full time simply put in the memo or notes “Tucker Funding” and our board of directors will allocate funds to me.

Thank you for taking the time to read up on what is happening in my world


Clean water is a right, not a privilege!

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